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Leaders Who Flock Together, Succeed Together

By Desirae Acosta , Global Ambassador, AYLP. Today the students were presented with four different types of leadership using characteristics of birds as examples.  The dove is a peaceful leader who often puts others before themselves.  The owl is analytical and puts a lot of thought before taking action. The peacock is a performing leader who … Continue reading

Rice Krispies and Johnny Cash

By Katie Strickland, Global Ambassador, AYLP Learning about different cultures and making new friends has been a common theme throughout the course of this week. Having a chance to sit down and just talk with an Algerian student is such a rewarding experience. I have learned so many wonderful things about the country of Algeria … Continue reading

A Multi-Dimensional Perspective

By Zach Andrews, Global Ambassador, AYLP “What?! That’s an old lady! I do not see the young woman,” shouted Jamin. Beginning the day off examining an art piece of what could be considered an abstract painting, it showed just how many different outlooks and perceptions could be in one room. Alongside the painting, all of … Continue reading

Five, Four, Three, Two, One, Go!

By Lucas Pakele, Global Ambassador, AYLP. They scurried in the door. One by one, two by two, and all the rest of the future leaders of Algeria and Nevada poured into the Reynolds School, already having a blast getting to know each other. Today was the first day of this week’s activities, learning how to … Continue reading

And they danced……

By MATT LUSH, global ambassador, AYLP It’s a beautiful thing to witness the power of music. At today’s opening barbecue for the Algerian Youth Leadership Program, it wasn’t long after everyone finished eating that the drum began to play, and the Algerian students began to dance. They chanted, they clapped, they sung and they spun … Continue reading

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