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A Multi-Dimensional Perspective

By Zach Andrews, Global Ambassador, AYLPimage

“What?! That’s an old lady! I do not see the young woman,” shouted Jamin. Beginning the day off examining an art piece of what could be considered an abstract painting, it showed just how many different outlooks and perceptions could be in one room. Alongside the painting, all of the groups also observed a video of people in black and white shirts passing a basketball. The goal was to count how many passes, however the trick was to try and spot the gorilla walking through the chaos of the scene. Interestingly, everyone wasn’t stumped by focusing too much on the counting and not the gorilla. This set the tone for the rest of the day of how unpredictable and surprisingly different each and every one of our perspectives and perceptions of the world is.

Transitioning over from seeing blatant obvious differences in our perceptions of the simplest things such as art, we learned as a group to laugh and connect our perceptions, or what Professor Todd Felts liked to call “our bubbles’ through deep and meaningful discussions of “asking the BIG questions.” The main rule of this scenario was that each pair of students must be both one Algerian and one Nevada local student. Everyone was talking, laughing and opening themselves up on a deeper and more personal level to where we felt, even if it was for short 15 minutes, that we knew this person for what seemed more like 15 years. Furthermore, Todd and a couple Algerian students had a conversation for the whole group to demonstrate how important communication is between people and how developing relationships changes not just our own individual perceptions but also the world around us.image-1

The last but certainly not the least exciting part of the day, the whole group divvied up in their various sub-groups to set out to the local organizations. Purple set out for Big Brothers, Big Sisters; Green went to The River School; Red went to Volunteers of America; and Blue/ Orange groups went to the largest organization, The Children’s Cabinet to put their communication skills of asking “BIG questions” to the test. Being a part of the Blue and Orange group’s trip to The Children’s Cabinet, once again we were immersed with a new group of people with different perspectives of their own. Hearing, asking, and learning from some of the staff and kids of The Children’s cabinet, interest deepened as well as our hearts. So much we learned about them and their struggles as well as our own and how all these problems connect on some level to another. Furthermore, the Orange and Blue groups toured and explored The Children’s Cabinet, seeing the wonderful opportunity at hand to help promote and communicate the goodness this organization does for the community.




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