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Meet Your Global Ambassadors……..



Zach Andrews, 23

Major: Advertising/ Public Relations


I have a crazy obsession with Disneyland and the Southern California beaches. I love to draw, specifically people and faces. I have a knack for computers and design work. In my free time, I love to travel, work out, try new foods, watch movies, and play video games. My favorite food is sushi.


I love the outdoors here, especially close by up in Lake Tahoe. In Reno, I love trying new places to eat around town, I always am surprised how good the food is. Besides being near Tahoe and going out to eat, I love my campus here at the university of Nevada. It is a beautiful campus and awesome to just sit outside ion the grass enjoying the summer/ fall scenery. Winters are beautiful as well but too cold.


What I am most excited about with the AYLP program is just being able to work with high school students, especially international students. I feel it will be such a great experience to not only be guiding and showing the students what I know but learning from them as well and getting that outside, global perspective. Foremost just creating great friendships with everyone and creating great lasting relationships on each other from this short time we get to work and collaborate together.



Lucas Pakele, 22


Major: Journalism, emphasis in Public Relations


I’m a huge camping person. I love going to festivals, like the Bounce and Burning Man. Traveling is a major passion and I’ve been all over the West Coast, Canada, Mexico, the South and soon to be New York. I like to engage in spiritual exploration, healing, and enlightenment. I’m a HUGE science geek and keep in touch with a lot of new technology as its being released, particularly when it comes to space exploration and future colonization.


Lake Tahoe is Reno’s best treasure by far. I love to wakeboard or just stay up at the beach. I like dancing at the clubs and going to band shows or eating at one of Reno’s new restaurants. Reno’s weather is what really makes this place. Gorgeous sun and heat in the summer make it a great place to kick back with a drink and a friend.


I’m most excited by the chance to get to engage with a group of young minds from another culture. I want to learn about their humanity and what their thoughts and concerns are. I want to know how they are the same and how they are different and learn what that might mean about the human condition. I believe in the power of our species and the more I know what exactly that means, the better chance I have of making a positive and lasting impact for all humankind.



Katie Strickland, 20


Major: Journalism, Public Relations


I really enjoy attending Broadway shows. For my high school graduation I went to New York and I got to see three productions. It was definitely a trip I will never forget! My family and I also have season tickets to Broadway Sacramento through the California Musical Theater and I attend almost every show.


I think my favorite thing about Reno is the University itself. I love all of the on campus activities and I find myself spending most of my time on campus. This is probably because I work at the student union, so I always know what is going on. I really enjoy downtown Reno. There are so many activities and always something to do. The Hot Air Balloon Races that take place every year in September are definitely a sight to see. It is always hard to get up early, but the views and experience are definitely worth it!


I think what excites me the most about the AYLP program is meeting and working with the students. I am excited to meet people from other countries because I have always wanted to travel outside of the US myself. I am looking forward to the experience of making new friends this summer and learning about different cultures from around the world.



Desirae Acosta, 21


Major: Journalism with a PR emphasis


I am a student ambassador for the University and I enjoy dancing and trying new activities like zip lining and archery.


I love that there is always something to do in Reno, no matter the time of year.  My favorite event is the Great Balloon Race in September.  I’ve gone to it every year since I moved to Reno.


I am excited to meet students in the AYLP program and form friendships that will last beyond the summer.  I plan to be a life long traveler but since I am currently not able to travel as often, I love meeting people from other countries and realizing how much we have in common while appreciating our differences as well.



Matt Lush, 20


Major: Economics and Journalism emphasis in Public Relations


I own my own photography business doing weddings, portraits, and freelance. I love the outdoors especially when hiking and biking. I’m a voracious reader and an avid tea drinker. I love playing tennis and public relations because it’s value in the world of business is quite high.


I’m a foodie, no doubt. There are great places to eat in this town, usually hidden gems! My newest favorite is Campo. So good!


I’m excited to meet the Algerian and high school students, to see the juxtapositions in their personalities and thought processes. And to see their similarities, reminding us that even though we are worlds apart, humanity is omnipresent. I’ve always been fascinated with other cultures—I think meeting and forming relationships with others, especially those from other countries, is a beautiful way to learn and understand more about the world. The subtleties unique to each culture are wonderful things to observe.





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